Vol. 5 Num 990 Wed. March 14, 2007  

US coffee chain Starbucks aims for 40,000 new stores

US coffee shop giant Starbucks plans to open at least 40,000 more stores over the medium term, half of them outside the United States, according to Tuesday's Expansion newspaper.

Starbucks Chief Executive Jim Donald told the Spanish financial daily that the chain is expanding at a rate of six shops and 350 new employees per day.

"We will open at least 40,000 cafes (half of them outside the United States)" (in the medium term), Expansion quoted Donald as saying in the interview.

Starbucks will probably open between 10 and 12 shops per year in Spain, Donald told Expansion.

The company currently has more than 13,000 shops, 9,000 of them in the United States, with operations in 39 countries employing 130,000 people, according to the Expansion report.