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Letters to Editor
Empowering the poor
Full marks to the caretaker government of Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed. Never before, except probably during the days of our fight for freedom in 1971, we the poor felt so empowered.
Conserving electricity
With the summer round the corner, and putting more power plants on line years hence, our quality of life is bound to deteriorate.
CNG stations
Thank you for your special report on the subject in your daily on 10 March 2007. I hope the authorities will initiate appropriate action in the greater interest of the state.
TV channels
TV channels have a negative influence on our society as a whole, especially Indian TV channels like Star Plus, Sony, Zee TV, MTV, V-TV etc. They provide crude and meaningless entertainment.
Price hike of essential commodities
I believe that the reason behind the current "price hike" of essential commodities should be understood first, and only then the government should take the necessary measures to bring down theprices
Ensure supply of unadulterated foods
The cleansing drive by the present caretaker government has revealed the dreadful fact that we as a nation have been plagued by a sea of corruption committed by almost all the responsible people in society.
Those luxury vehicles
So, we have a problem on hand. What to do with those confiscated gas guzzling luxury vehicles? Nobody will or should buy them. They are too expensive to operate and as a nation we can not afford them.
To the chief adviser..
You are really worthy of appreciation for having taken drastic steps against corruption. Your government has already asked for a wealth statement from the political top brass which should also be appreciated.
Drop those sentences
In spite of his poverty he is honest. He is poor but honest. Though he is poor, he is honest.
No more politics!
We liberated this country not for looting by the politicians, and their accomplices, viz.
Stop honking and blinking!
I would like to thank the Dhaka metropolitan police authorities for banning honking in certain roads in the capital. I must say this is a great initiative by the law enforcers.
Restructuring PSC
PSC is the abbreviation of Public Service Commission (PSC) but over the last few years it has stood for 'permanent sources of corruption' (PSC).
Combat corruption
I appreciate the initiatives taken by the government to combat corruption at all levels of society. I am excited and inspired to hear from the ACC Chairman about his commitment on behalf of his team.
Anomalies in education
There are several private universities in the country. Many of them are selling degrees for money.

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