Vol. 5 Num 990 Wed. March 14, 2007  
Letters to Editor

CNG stations

Thank you for your special report on the subject in your daily on 10 March 2007. I hope the authorities will initiate appropriate action in the greater interest of the state. I would now like to add a few points to the subject and request you to kindly urge the authorities to resolve the prevalent CNG refueling crisis. You are aware that due to exercise of undue control by the government, refueling stations are far too less compared to the number of CNG run vehicles. Moreover, due to high price of petrol and environment friendliness of clean fuel (CNG) there has been massive conversion of automobiles including commercial ones. As a result, at any point of time long queues in CNG stations consume precious time in both Dhaka and Chittagong .

Therefore, my suggestion is :- (1) The government should liberalise the process of setting up CNG refueling stations and facilitate the intending investors from one-stop service desk. (2) Petrol pump owners who have adequate space should be asked to install CNG refueling equipments forthwith.(3) The government may direct Padma, Meghna & Jamuna Oil companies to install CNG equipments in the petrol pumps if any owner is unwilling or can't mobilise funds. All these oil companies have huge reserve funds and resources to invest in such a profitable business and provide a quick solution.

This will not only save time but also save foreign currency needed for importing petroleum products.