Vol. 5 Num 990 Wed. March 14, 2007  

Art exhibition
Zinat Sattar's works rooted in nature

Nature in all its infinite glory is a perennial source of inspiration to artist Zinat Sattar. In her fourth solo painting exhibition, titled 'Secrets of Nature', at Art & Soul Gallery many of her 34 works are replete with elements from nature--the depths of the blue sea and flowers, foliage, butterflies and birds in dazzling hues. One arresting semi-abstract painting in mixed media, titled My Childhood is awash with vibrant colours--orange, green, blue, white, yellow and red. The work catches the eye with its delineation of kites, paper boats and paper birds. "I particularly go for blue because it is a mild and sophisticated colour," says the unassuming Zinat, pointing out, " I love and enjoy being in the midst of nature."

Another of her imaginative pieces is Seashore, also in mixed media. Green, brown, white and red go into this eye catching work. The painting is embellished with stones and shells which she picked up in Cox's Bazar. Some of Zinat's works have a distinctive technique--in several pieces she has poured oils or water colour on to the canvas to make it flow over the canvas.

The wonder of Zinat's talent is that she has no formal education or degree in art. Though she has studied with artists such as Hassan Mahmud, Iftekharuddin, Samarjit Roy and Kanak Chanpa, she is largely self taught. This could be a handicap. In Zinat's words, " Critics say I am not a real artiste and therefore do not take me seriously."

Nevertheless, Zinat continues to pour her emotions of joy and happiness on to the canvas. "The images of childhood, nature, lost songs have found their way into my creations," she says. There is also another side to the artist--she is a great lover of flowers and greenery. In 1987 she won an award for her rose plants from the Sylhet district authorities.

The current exhibition, which concludes on March 18, has had a positive response. According to the gallery personnel, 50 per cent of the paintings on display have already been sold and the rest should find a market in the near future.

Among her forthcoming projects is a solo exhibition in the US this year. Her passion for painting will most certainly take her places.

Artworks by Zinat Sattar