Vol. 5 Num 990 Wed. March 14, 2007  
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Follow up
Rayer Bazar Kitchen Market

DCC's dillydally over potential death trap

While DCC bureaucrats keep busy shuffling and reshuffling files of 'extremely unsafe' Rayer Bazar kitchen market building, thousands of people continue trading and shopping inside the hazardous building risking their lives.

Executive engineer of DCC Bazar Circle told this correspondent on March 1 that the bureaucratic process had been started to demolish and reconstruct the structure.

This correspondent followed up the matter with the same DCC official on March 11. He said two files were prepared in this regard -- one for dismantling the structure, the other for reconstruction and rehabilitation.

"Both files are being processed now. The file for dismantling the structure has been sent to the chief engineer. The other file for reconstruction and rehabilitation has been sent to the superintendent engineer. But as he has asked for some clarification regarding the structure, the file has been returned to us," said the executive engineer of Bazar Circle.

President of Rayer Bazar market shop owners' committee also wants demolition and reconstruction of the dilapidated structure as well as rehabilitation of the shopkeepers. He said around five months back, he along with other members of the market wrote a letter to the DCC authorities informing about the present condition of the structure.

"The engineers and the executive engineer of Bazar Circle paid a visit [to the market] and made a note of the state of the structure," said Nazir Hossain, president of Rayer Bazar market shop owners' committee.

"For the last three months, the executive engineer of Bazar Circle has been telling us that the process of dismantling the structure is 'under way'. We go to the DCC every week for an update on the status of dismantling the structure," he added.

When contacted, DCC chief estate officer Kamruzzaman Chowdhury said, "It [the file] will reach the Mayor after being scrutinised by the chief engineer and the executive engineer. It will then reach my office."

He could not however say how long it would take for the file to reach his desk. "May be it will take a few days or a few months to get the approval...."

Rayer Bazar kitchen market was declared extremely hazardous structure a year ago. Hundreds now risk their lives trading and shopping there every day. PHOTO: STAR