Vol. 5 Num 994 Sun. March 18, 2007  

Arrests of JMB activists
Reinvigorate the combing operation
We must not let our guards down against the religious extremists who had tried not very long ago to force their ideas on us to the extent of taking people's lives to establish what they think is the way politics should run in Bangladesh. The fact that the JMB cadres are being nabbed still today even after their top brasses are in the cage is a clear indication of the deep rooted organisation and network of the group.

We had chronicled in the past the rise of the group cautioning the administration and the people in general about how well entrenched these people were, and that we must never suffer from any euphoria of their end with the capture of their leadership. If we do that it will be only at our own peril.

The JMB leadership is awaiting the execution of their death sentence. They have admitted, reportedly, to their involvement in the movement to establish a political philosophy they claim to be motivated by Islam, when in fact what they tried to establish could not have been farther from it. But their execution may not necessarily see the end in the propagation of their ideology which they sought to initiate, unsuccessfully.

The fact that more than a dozen JMB activists have been apprehended very recently, some mid-level leaders among them, shows that they were in hiding so long but are well prepared to break cover and move into action should situation seem favourable. We need to be extra alert since, reportedly, the group had threatened to resort to violence should the government carry out the death sentence of the JMB leadership.

We are certain that the intelligence agencies would be moving on the lead provided by the captured radicals, and through more intensified combing operations capture all the operatives. It might help prevent speculations if the government were to let us know how far it is into finding out the links of the organisation -- both external and internal, and the source of their finance, without giving such details that might jeopardize future action against these elements.