Vol. 5 Num 994 Sun. March 18, 2007  

If it's your day ...

Herschelle Gibbs said hitting six sixes in an over in South Africa's World Cup win over the Netherlands was "up there with the best things" he has done.

The 33-year-old said: "I never thought about getting six in a row, but if it's your day, it's your day.

"After the first three I thought I was in with a chance, but I decided I wasn't going to charge him (Daan van Bunge), I'd wait to see what he did.

"I just stayed in my crease and luckily they fell into the right slot."

Holland captain Luuk van Troost said van Bunge was somehow coming to terms with the day's events.

"He had some flashbacks -- he started laughing when he was sitting in the dressing room," said Van Troost.

"I told him after the third ball to try to bowl a quicker one -- he said, 'I just did'.

"There were a few good balls in it and a few bad balls in it as well."

"It's terrible to be a captain in that situation -- I didn't know where to put my players anymore. It was a nightmare."

Former West Indies hero Sir Viv Richards had hoped on the eve of the World Cup that six successive sixes would be hit.

He said: "These days we are seeing more and more big totals and sixes being hit in one-day cricket by powerful batsmen with big bats.

"Yet no-one has ever hit six sixes in one over of any international match.

"The only people who have ever done it in first-class cricket are our own Gary Sobers and India's Ravi Shastri.

"To me this tournament, with our traditionally short boundaries, is the time to change that."

Commentator Barry Richards, one of the finest South African batsman ever, said on commentary last Wednesday that he had picked up Gibbs' bat at a training session.

Richards told listeners on Test Match Special that he was amazed by the quantity of wood in the blade compared to the lightweight pick-up of the bat.