Vol. 5 Num 994 Sun. March 18, 2007  
Star City

Binat Bibi Mosque

Vow to save historical mosque

Residents of Narinda and Binat Bibi Jam e Mosque committee vowed on Friday to save the 600-year old Binat Bibi mosque.

They have also agreed to stop 'any construction' that may damage the structure or spoil the sanctity of the historical site.

A group of conservationists and environmentalists from Poribesh Bachao Andolon went to the mosque in Narinda on Friday to meet with the committee and the local residents to convince them about its historical value.

The architecture students of University of Asia Pacific (UAP) made 7 models to protect the original mosque and presented those to the committee and local people through multimedia presentation.

Three decisions were taken in the meeting. Firstly, they will stop piling beside the old structure and build the minaret inside the new building. Secondly, the original 600-year old dome will be saved at any cost. Thirdly, the second dome, which is a replica of the first dome and a kind of distortion according to architects, will be demolished to create an open space in front of the mosque. This open space is needed, as there will be a large congregation for Jumma.

Abdur Rahman Nazim, vice president of the mosque committee, said, "I am stunned to see the students hard work to build models to save our mosque. I did not know that these well-read people are so concerned about our mosque."

Sohel Ahmed Chowdhury, former secretary, Ministry of Public Works, said, "The students who made the models to save this mosque will not come to say prayers to this mosque but they did all these out of their love for the mosque."

Among the activists were Mubassher Hossain, president of Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB), Nahaz Ahmed Khalil, vice president of IAB, Sohel Ahmed Chowdhury, former secretary, Ministry of public Works, Abu Naser Khan, convenor, Poribesh Bachao Andolon, Dr Abu Sayeed M Ahmed, head, Department of Architecture, UAP and Ali Naqi, head, Department of Architecture, Stamford University.

Teachers and students of architecture showing their models to the mosque committee at the Binat Bibi mosque. PHOTO: STAR