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41Nepali Maoists ask govt to scrap monarchy
Nepal's Maoists demanded yesterday that the country immediately scrap the monarchy and declare itself a republic amid probable delays in an election over the issue.
Key Taliban leaders killed, says Nato
Suicide bomber kills 9 Afghan cops
Nato-led troops said yesterday they had killed several key Taliban leaders in a series of airstrikes and raids targeting militants in southern Afghanistan during the past week.
Break-up of Pakistan
Rahul remarks set off storm in India
Young Congress MP Rahul Gandhi's remarks at an election meeting in Uttar Pradesh state appropriating the credit for the Jawaharlal Nehru-Indira Gandhi family for the independence of India, break-up of
Israel, Palestinians report progress
The Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Sunday discussed the outlines of Palestinian statehood for the first time in six years, taking a modest step toward breaking the long paralysis in peacemaking.
Benazir vows return to contest polls
Vowing that she would go back to Pakistan and contest polls, former Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto has said that she wanted to reach a political deal with President Pervez Musharraf, which she claimed,
Separatists to snub Kashmir meeting
Muslim separatists in Indian-run Kashmir said yesterday they would boycott a government-organised meeting this month on the revolt-hit province, saying talks would be a "futile exercise.
BBC reporter's family makes appeal
The family of a British journalist kidnapped in the Gaza Strip pleaded yesterday for his captors to "end this ordeal" following unconfirmed reports he had been killed.

The British Broadcasting Corp.

Indian SC mulls Sonia's right to hold public office
India's top court accepted a petition by a non-governmental group Monday seeking to bar Sonia Gandhi, the chief of the ruling Congress party, from holding public office because she was born in Italy,a
Sudan inches toward UN deployment in Darfur
Sudan on Monday inched towards a reluctant acceptance of UN peacekeepers in Darfur, as a senior US official warned Khartoum it faces isolation if it blocks an international peacekeeping plan for the war-torn
No more 'war on terror', says UK minister
The British government has stopped using the phrase "war on terror" to refer to the struggle against political and religious violence, according to a Cabinet minister's prepared remarks for a Monday speech.
11 officials killed as Indian train hits minibus
A passenger train crashed into a minibus carrying local council officials at an unmanned rail crossing in southern India yesterday, killing 11 people and injuring another 12 in the vehicle, police said.

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