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ICC World Cup 07
Tigers' performance
This is not the first time that we have been so erratic. We have been displaying such performances for years.
Voter list
In my opinion, asking for 18 months to make a voter list, as announced by the Election Commission (EC), is well justified.
Ignoring Iraqi refugees
The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says there has been an "abject denial" around the world of the humanitarian impact of invading Iraq.
Politics-free campus?
While supporting a ban on active politics on the campus in his well written article appearing in the Point-Counterpoint of your April 6 issue, Mridul Chowdhury warns against a complete and unqualified
Biofuel in Bangladesh
An editorial in a local paper of March 31 should create the needed awareness on biofuels; which I believe is needed in Bangladesh.
Car parking
The city needs multi-storied designated parking lots for busy commercial areas such as Motijheel, Gulshan-1 and 2, Dhanmondi etc. These facilities can charge the car owners on an hourly parking rate.
Saarc tourism
We are very much delighted to see that a strong consensus is building up among the people in the Saarc region regarding free trade and travel among the countries.
Politically appointed teachers
Reports of fake students in DU are being frequently published in the national dailies.
Honking horns
There is a saying, "The face is the index of mind" to add to it, the domestic helpers are the index of the houses, and the drivers are the index of their employers.
Husband's brutality
Yes! Kabita, 23 years old housewife , and her beloved daughter Itee were allegedly killed by her husband. Such things are happening regularly in the country.
Contradictory statements
They are hell-bent on sending Khaleda to exile and stopping Hasina from entering Bangladesh, while trying to put a good image of the government by issuing contradictory statements.
Two women
So it is time to bid adieu to both the grand dames of Bangladesh politics! It is more than 25 years now since the two reigning queens made Bangladesh a personal fiefdom, helping and boosting theirprospects
Beauty of "sampan"
As you stand atop the road bridge over the Karnaphuli and gaze at the horizon, you can see a number of vessels: small ships, trawlers, barges and sampans.
Kashmir issue
The way Pakistan behaved at the Saarc summit held at Delhi in the first week of this April and the way Pakistan deals with the Kashmir problem give rise to some questions.
Amazing cricket crowd!
While watching the ongoing World Cup cricket on TV screen, one cannot afford to miss the exuberance of festivity that the crowd is overwhelmed with in the stadiums! The whole stadium (all the stadiums),
Political situation
I am worried about the political situation prevailing now. It is most important to remember that this caretaker government was not elected by the people. They are not supposed to do whatever they like.
A note to EC
As in many other countries, no one should be allowed to hold the post of prime minister for more than two terms.
Tigers' limitations
There is no doubt that our cricketers are improving day by day and already they have reached a position of honor in world cricket but what seems awkward is their weakness on fast and bouncy wickets.
Our performance against Ireland
There is no doubt that this year's cricket World Cup will be a memorable one not only for our cricket team but also for the millions of die-hard cricket fans in Bangladesh.
Confusion persists
The interim government must not make political parties its enemies, which would definitely lead to chaos.
New Bangladesh, new hope
I would like to thank the ACC (Anti Corruption Commission) for its relentless effort so far to make a better Bangladesh than anytime before.
Caretaker government and cricket
Bangladesh won three matches in the World Cup . Credit for that definitely goes to the players. But I think the caretaker government also deserves some credit.

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