Vol. 5 Num 1030 Wed. April 25, 2007  
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BNP hails Hasina's remark on Khaleda
Feuding factions reiterate their allegiance to party chairperson

Appreciating Shiekh Hasina's recent remark on Khaleda Zia's possible exile, BNP leader Hannan Shah yesterday said it seems to him that political parties might end up launching a simultaneous movement like the ones in the mid-eighties.

Earlier, Hasina during a TV interview said she does not support the pressure on Khaleda for going into self-exile.

BNP joint secretary general and the official spokesperson of the party, Nazrul Islam Khan, also said yesterday, "We thank Sheikh Hasina for her good remarks about Khaleda Zia."

Meanwhile, the intra-party conflict among BNP leaders turned serious as the leaders close to the party Secretary General Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan once again raised questions about the propriety of Hannan Shah's statements regarding party matters although Hannan claimed that he is fully authorised by the party chairperson.

"I am fully authorised by the BNP chairperson," Hannan Shah, an adviser to the BNP chairperson, told reporters yesterday when asked about the propriety of his recent statements.

He also said Chairperson Khaleda Zia has faith in him, as he is one of those who were with her during the anti-Ershad movement.

"I personally, welcome her [Sheikh Hasina's] statement. This is the first step towards a reconciliation between the senior leaderships of two major political parties," he said adding, "From the past experiences, particularly the experiences of the anti-autocratic movement of the 1980s, I foresee that a simultaneous movement might be launched soon."

Hannan once again firmly said Khaleda Zia informed the military backed interim government about her unwillingness to go into self-exile.

"She did not go to any embassy, she even did not sign any paper; and it proves that she wants to stay in the country," Hannan said and urged the reporters present to pray for Khaleda Zia so she might be able to appear before them in person.

In reply to a question Hannan said Khaleda had asked the party secretary general to take actions against a few party members, which were not taken due to the current ban on indoor politics.

Hannan also said Khaleda's health condition slightly improved although he did not elaborate on the nature of her illness.

Meanwhile, Nazrul Islam Khan, and BNP's Dhaka city unit president, Mayor Sadeque Hossain Khoka, said only a person appointed by the party chairperson has the authority to issue statements about the party.

"If necessary the person appointed by Khaleda Zia will speak," Nazrul Islam Khan told the reporters yesterday adding that Hannan Shah did not tell anything new as Khaleda Zia herself had taken initiatives to bring reforms to the party but could not implement them due to the ban on politics under the current state of emergency.

When asked about Khaleda Zia's possible departure from the country, Nazrul said, "Why would she leave the country, she did not violate emergency rules."

Echoing Nazrul, Sadeque Hossain Khoka added, "The chairperson will bring it to the secretary general's attention if she thinks anyone failed to perform his or her duties."

However, both Hannan and Nazrul emphasised that the party is not about to split rather the leaders and activists are determined to remain united under the leadership of Khaleda Zia.