Vol. 5 Num 1031 Thu. April 26, 2007  
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Account details of top two leaders sought
BB verbally asks all banks; NBR seeks account info of 83 others including Tarique

The central bank and National Board of Revenue (NBR) yesterday separately asked commercial banks for all banking information of former prime ministers Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina, and 83 other people including politicians, bureaucrats and former ministers.

The Bangladesh Bank (BB) yesterday verbally asked the commercial banks for all banking information of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina, and their relatives.

The central bank called the commercial banks early yesterday morning and asked them to provide all banking information of Khaleda Zia by mid-day yesterday. Then it again called the banks in the afternoon to ask for Sheikh Hasina's banking information and asked them to provide it by 11:00am today.

Sources said the National Coordination Committee on Combating Corruption and Crime sought the information via the central bank.

The information is being sought to substantiate the existing case against Sheikh Hasina, and to look for incriminating activities in Khaleda Zia's bank accounts in a bid to find out if a case could be brought against her, as the government's plan to send the two leaders into exiles hit snags in the past few days, sources said.

NBR sent a list of 83 individuals including BNP Senior Joint Secretary General and Khaleda Zia's son Tarique Rahman, former ministers Shahjahan Shiraj, Barrister Aminul Haque, BNP adviser Barkatullah Bulu, and a businessman and editor of the daily Janakantha Atiqullah Khan Masud.

In a letter, NBR, the central authority for tax administration, asked the banks for the account statements of the listed persons for the period since July 2001 till the last printout in the audit trail. The banks were asked to provide the information by May 10.

As per the directives, banks will have to come up with detailed information on transactions made through personal accounts, joint accounts, current accounts, foreign currency accounts, savings accounts, credit accounts, and credit cards.

Sources said the revenue board will compare the tax returns of the listed persons with their transaction reports. NBR will do so to know about the sources of income of these persons and to see if they were involved in tax evasion.

Earlier, on April 15, the government had asked for the bank account information of 71 corruption suspects and their relatives. In March, banks and non-banking financial institutions froze bank accounts of 53 individuals and their relatives on instructions from NBR as Tk 120 crore was found to have been undisclosed.

The 83 names on the latest list are the following:

Former chief conservator of the forest department Munshi Anwarul Islam, his wife Fayzunnessa Anwar, his sons Ishtiaq Anwar, Imtiaz Anwar, Ishtifaq Anwar, Munshi's daughters Sonya Farzana, Sadia Farzana, and his granddaughter Shamima Nargis.

Businessman and the daily Janakantha editor Atiqullah Khan Masud, his wife Shamima A Khan, his sons Zishal A Khan, and Mishal A Khan.

Ward Commissioner Mirza Khokon (Mirza Ekramul Hossain) who is also a brother of former public works and housing minister Mirza Abbas, Khokon's wife Masuda Hossain, and his sons Kaynath Mirza and Kashfa Mirza.

Khaleda Zia's son Tarique Rahman, his wife Zubaida Rahman and his daughter Zaimar Zarnaz Rahman.

Former NBR official ATM Sarwar Hossain and his wife Nazma Sarwar.

BNP's Commercial Adviser Barkatullah Bulu, his wife Shamima Akhtar aka Shamima Barkat Lucky, and his sons Saniyat Barkat, Salzid Barkat and Shahid Barkat.

Former state minister Ziaul Haq Zia, his wife Nasima Haq, and their son Mashfiqul Haq Joy.

Awami League Joint General Secretary Md Obaidqul Quader and his wife Ishratunnessa.

Ward Commissioner and film star Manowar Hossain Dipjol, his wife Romana Manowar aka Romana Akhtar, his daughter Aliza Manowar, and his sons Sadman Manowar and Shadab Manowar.

Former BNP minister Barrister Aminul Haque, his wife Ava Haque, his brothers Asaduzzaman, Enamul Haque, his daughter Shabnaz, and his son Md Quaiyum.

Former BNP minister Shahjahan Shiraj, his wife Rabeya Haider, his sons Rajib Siraj and Sarowad Shiraj, and his son-in-law Omar Sadat.

Khaleda Zia's younger brother Shamim Iskandar and his wife Kaniz Fatima.

Former Awami League (AL) state minister Syed Abul Hossain, his wife Khwaza Nargis Hossain, and his daughters Syeda Rubaiyat Hossain and Syeda Iffat Hossain.

AL's Religious Affairs Secretary Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, his wives Roksana Abdullah and Advocate Rashida Parvin, his son Sheikh Md Abdullah, and his daughters Syeda Siddiqui Lucky, Latifa Siddiqui Lina, Rehana Siddiqui Liza, Farhana Siddiqui Elora, Afroza Siddiqui Flora, Mohsina Siddiqui, Munira Siddiqui, and Lamiya Siddiqui.

Former AL lawmaker Habibur Rahman Mollah, his wife Rezia Begum, his sons Mahfuzur Rahman Mollah, Md Manibur Rahman Mollah, Md Mashiur Rahman Mollah, and his daughter Alpana.

Former BNP leader MAH Selim, his wife Amena Begum, his daughter Sahara Selim, his son Mehedi Hasan Prince, Samith Hasan, and his relative MA Salam.

Former Chhatra League president Liaquat Ali Sikdar.

Tazin Shahnaz, her sisters Tazin Mahnaz and Tazin Farhanaz, all of whom are daughters of former Public Service Commission member Prof Mahfuzur Rahman.

Begum Jebunnesssa and her son Zakir Hossain who are mother and brother of Dr AZM Zahid Hossain, leader of the BNP-backed Doctors Association of Bangladesh.