Vol. 5 Num 1031 Thu. April 26, 2007  

Sohana Saba: Actress on the rise

When Sohana Saba made her entry in the cultural arena as a dancer, she hardly knew that there was more in store for her. After receiving the Meril Prothom Alo Award '06 recently, a teary eyed Saba told the packed audience, "Although I had practised a 'thank you' speech in front of the mirror ever since I started dreaming of becoming a star, right now I'm speechless." She won the award for her role in the movie Aaina.

Initially Saba took to modelling and within a short time she entered filmdom. Actor-director Kabori was on the look out for a new face for her movie Aaina. Saba seemed to fit the role perfectly. The young actress proved her skills through her work. Very soon she was selected for her second movie by Morshedul Islam. The film Khelaghar was much appreciated by film enthusiasts and Saba received warm response for her portrayal in the lead role. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Star (TDS) the talented actress talks about her flourishing movie career:

TDS: What was your reaction after winning the Meril-Prothom Alo award?

Saba: I consider myself extremely lucky to receive such a positive response from the moviegoers. Meril Prothom Alo Award is a recognition of my work and the feeling is simply out of the world. At the same time, it calls for added responsibilities.

I have to be selective when choosing roles.

TDS: How did your career in the media start?

Saba: Initially I used to perform as a dancer. That made way for me to do a few TV commercials and eventually I started acting in TV plays. The offer to do movies came as a surprise to me.

TDS: Do you have plans to be regular in movies?

Saba: I am not quite sure. I do wish to continue working in quality movies where I can get opportunities to make a mark. I want to nurture the image that movies like Aaina and Khelaghor have created for me.

TDS: What about acting in TV plays? Will you continue it at the same time?

Saba: Of course. One memorable movie role can make you immortal. But you can always be in touch with the contemporary audience through TV plays. Which is why I'm interested to work in both mediums.

TDS: You've gotten married recently?

Saba: I've gotten married to director-playwright Murad Parvez.

TDS: It's often said that the quality of our movies have deteriorated in recent years. Do you agree?

Saba: Good and bad movies were always there. Lately, many young and talented filmmakers are coming up with interesting projects. But at the same time, I strongly believe that if the audience remain reluctant to watch movies in theatres, the situation won't improve. I believe that only 'wishing' for better movies won't help. Our movie industry has to be encouraged and supported at the same time.

TDS: Tell us about your future plans.

Saba: I want to do something significant. But first I plan to complete my education. I want to do memorable roles for which viewers will remember me for time to come.