Vol. 5 Num 1032 Fri. April 27, 2007  
Letters to Editor

Save "Binod Bibi Mosque"

It is well documented and known, that the Binod Bibi Mosque, which was constructed by Bakht Binat, daughter of Marhamat was built in 1457. Renowned historian Hassan Dani firmly points out that, "The two domed mosque is the earliest existing mosque in Dacca." The mosque has more architectural and archeological value than other surviving mosques, because it is the only surviving pre-Mughal structure in Dhaka. The mosque is well documented in all books of history dealing with Dhaka, and its importance cannot be questioned. After the construction of a new building nearby, last year the old mosque was abandoned, and in recent months it is on the verge of destruction. Already the mihrab of the structure has been torn down. Other segments including the inscription (which was documented by famous historian and ephigraphist HE Stepelton) will vanish within weeks. I urge the Director General of the Department of Archeology and Museum and the Adviser to the Cultural Ministry to take immediate steps to stop the destruction of this mosque, and to preserve it as a protected monument and a heritage site.

The mosque has survived for 500 years. We should protect it.