Vol. 5 Num 1038 Fri. May 04, 2007  

A niche for substantial roles
In conversation with Shoma

With her impressive performance in the movie Nondito Norok-e, Shumona Shoma made her presence felt in the film industry. She followed that up with a more conventional role in the commercially successful movie Na Bolona. Currently several filmmakers are keen to cast her in their films. In a recent interview with The Daily Star (TDS) the talented actress talked about her budding film career and more. Excerpts from the interview:

TDS: Your role as Rabeya in Nondito Norok-e was well appreciated. However, you haven't signed that many movies since then. Why?

Shoma: Since Nondito Norok-e, I have done another movie -- Na Bolona. Like any committed artiste, I want to act in quality films. If I receive offers for such movies I will certainly be a part of it.

TDS: Do you currently have any such offer?

Shoma: I have received quite a few offers recently. But I've tried to set a standard with my roles in Nondito Norok-e and Na Bolona Na. I don't want to disappoint my audience with run of the mill work.

TDS: You are also very active in television...

Shoma: I made my entry in the media through Television. After taking part in the "Anandadhara Photoshundori" pageant, I got offers to act in TV plays. Later I joined the theatre troupe Aranyak Natyadol. I've also worked in several TV commercials.

TDS: Did your background encourage you to become an actor?

Shoma: I'm from Khulna. As a child I grew up in an environment surrounded by healthy cultural and political practices. In school and college I was involved with Udichi Shilpi Gosthi and Bangladesh Student's Union. Consequently, I participated in several cultural and political programmes on a regular basis. One day an advertisement in the magazine Anandadhara for its "Photoshundori" pageant grabbed my attention and I sent my photos. My success in the contest increased my level of confidence.

TDS: Have you experienced a shift?

Shoma: I am not sure if I actually felt the shift. But after spending some time here I could feel that a strong attachment for the medium is growing in me. Now it has become my passion.

TDS: How did you prepare yourself for your breakthrough performance in Nondito Norok-e?

Shoma: In the movie, my character Rabeya was a young woman whose psychological state was that of a 9/10 year old. I read the novel by Humayun Ahmed several times. While doing the movie director Belal Ahmed would explain the whole situation to me and I tried to follow his instructions.

Shumona Shoma