Vol. 5 Num 1046 Sat. May 12, 2007  
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Tasneem freed

The Daily Star staff, Tasneem Khalil, picked up by the joint forces early yesterday from his residence in the city for questioning, was freed around 11 last night.

Later, he came to The Daily Star office.

Earlier in a statement yesterday, The Daily Star Editor Mahfuz Anam said, "Following his questioning, I contacted the authorities concerned and was informed that him being questioned was not due to his journalistic work and had nothing to do with his functions at The Daily Star."

He said: "In fact, it was because of the contents of his (Tasneem's) personal blog and some SMSs he had sent recently, where views were expressed which were completely his own and had nothing to do with his work at this paper."

Anam said, "Following my discussions with the authorities and because of the caretaker government's commitment to the policy of freedom of the media, it was agreed that he would be released tonight."

"We at The Daily Star recommit ourselves to adhering to the highest standards of journalism and freedom of press," The Daily Star editor said in his statement.