Vol. 5 Num 1046 Sat. May 12, 2007  

Philippoussis in US reality show

Two-time Grand Slam finalist Mark Philippoussis is reportedly set to become the star of a US reality television show as his tennis career continues to hit the skids.

The Las Vegas-based Australian, who has slipped to 138 in the world rankings after a series of injuries, will be the star of a show called "Age of Love", the US celebrity magazine People reported on its website.

The show will feature the 30-year-old dating two groups of women, one aged in their 20s, known as "the kittens", and the other in their 40s, called "the cougars."

Philippoussis, whose off-court exploits have often prompted critics in Australia to accuse him of wasting a talent that once made him world number eight, said he was just "a simple guy who wants a simple girl."

"Age doesn't matter to me -- all the women are beautiful," Philippoussis told People.

"Until now, the oldest woman I've ever gone out with was four years younger than me."