Vol. 5 Num 1047 Sun. May 13, 2007  

Boat Procession in Chittagong
'Protect Halda river from pollution'

Environmental activists organised a unique boat procession in Chittagong yesterday with a view to protecting the Halda river, the lone natural breeding water-body for fish, from pollution and other acts of human insensitivities.

They also demanded that the river be declared as 'World Heritage' by the government and urged it to take immediate steps for saving the vital river from rampant netting of mother fish during the breeding season.

Paribesh Andolan Chittagong, an environmental organisation, arranged the boat procession from Firingibazar Bridge Ghat of Karnaphuli to the estuary of Halda in order to raise mass awareness on netting of mother fish in Halda river.

Prof of Economics Department of Chittagong University (CU) Dr Moinul Islam inaugurated the boat procession at Firingibazar Bridge Ghat yesterday morning. A rally was also held near Kalurghat Bridge.

On the occasion, speakers urged the local people to come forward against netting of mother fish during spawning or breeding period (March to May) that cause serious crisis of fish in the country.

They said production of fish fry at the river decreased at an alarming rate due to lack of awareness among people.

They also urged the government to rehabilitate the fishermen when they do not have any work during the spawning at the Halda.

Prof Md Shah Alam of CU Zoology Department, Prof Hari Shankar Jaladas of Chittagong Govt City College, Advocate Rana Das Gupta, Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) Ward Commissioner Rehana Kabir Ranu and Chairman of Madarsha Union Parishad Abul Kashem spoke on the occasion.