Vol. 5 Num 1067 Sat. June 02, 2007  

Homage to Nurul Momen
Discussion and plays at Shilpakala

In remembrance of eminent playwright Nurul Momen, Department of Theatre and Film, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) arranged a programme comprising a discussion and staging of plays at the Experimental Theatre Stage on May 31.

The programme was presided over by director of Department of Theatre and Film, Shafi Kamal. Theatre personalities Ataur Rahman and SM Mohsin were the discussants.

Discussants recalled Nurul Momen's role as a dramatist, and as a teacher. "The post-Liberation War generation of theatre activists had a bold and vibrant legacy to carry on, left by talents like Nurul Momen, Ashkar Ibne Shaiekh, Munier Chowdhury, Syed Waliullah and Sayeed Ahmad," said SM Mohsin on the contribution of these personalities to Bangladeshi theatre. "Nurul Momen's uncompromising attitude towards the establishment and his fight against censorship offer much for consideration for the latter generations of theatre activists. His role as a Natyaguru is unparalleled." Mohsin added.

Ataur Rahman recalled his university days when Nurul Momen, a professor of Law, along with Munier Chowdhury, was the centre of theatrical activities. He said, "Nurul Momen produced plays like Rupantor, Nemesis and Underneath the Law that are treasures of our theatrical heritage." He hoped that the BSA would take initiatives to bring out special newspaper supplements on theatre personalities to make the youth of the country aware of the contribution and thus boost their sense of identity.

Shafi Kamal assured that the academy would continue its efforts to introduce important cultural personalities to the current generation.

The discussion was followed by reading from two plays by Nurul Momen -- Alo Chhaya and Thik Cholar Poth. Ghore Baire Natyagosthi performed the plays directed by Aleya Ferdousi.

A portrait of Nurul Momen