Vol. 5 Num 1081 Sat. June 16, 2007  
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900 Biman staff resign so far under VRS

Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) of Biman Bangladesh Airlines got 'satisfactory' response from its officials and employees on the second week of its three-week time limit as some 900 Biman staffs have so far resigned voluntarily.

As part of the government plan to turn the national flag carrier into a public limited company (PLC) and make it a healthy and profitable commercial venture, Biman Bangladesh Airlines on June 5 offered the VRS aiming at trimming its staff to 3,400 from around 4,800 working at the organisation.

The Biman's present organogram approves a 6,800-strong manpower.

Expressing satisfaction over the number of respondents to the VRS so far, Managing Director (MD) of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dr MA Momen said, "We think the number of respondents would exceed our expectation."

Many Biman officials and staff said that they will take some more days to decide about responding to the VRS.

The VRS offer ends on June 20.

Biman sought about Tk 300 crore from the government to implement the VRS programme.

Some 100 Biman officials and employees have been either axed or given forced retirement in last six months, Biman sources said.