Vol. 5 Num 1083 Mon. June 18, 2007  
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Poland to recruit Bangladeshi workers

Poland is interested to recruit Bangladeshi workers for its construction and infrastructure sectors in view of the vacuum created due to Polish workers' migration to other European countries.

"We discussed the possibilities of sending Bangladeshi workers for Polish construction and infrastructure sectors to fill up the void as Polish workers themselves move into other European Union countries," Foreign Adviser Dr Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury said after a meeting with a Polish delegation at the foreign ministry yesterday.

The five-member delegation is headed by Ambassador Professor Jan Bielawski, a special envoy of the Polish president.

The foreign adviser noted that Bangladesh and Poland have long historical relations, which have the potential of being converted into strong economic and political ties.

"Poland is a key member of the European Union and is eager to expand her trade and investments with Bangladesh," he said.

The delegation also comprises Polish envoy to India, concurrently accredited to Bangladesh, Ambassador Krzysztof Majka, and Member of Parliament Hubert Costa.