Vol. 5 Num 1085 Wed. June 20, 2007  

Concert at Shilpakala ends
Five bands perform on closing evening

As band music has become a popular genre amongst the younger generation of the country, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) should take initiatives to promote the music, said discussants on the closing evening (June 18) of the two-day concert, held at the National Theatre Stage. The programme was arranged by the Department of Dance and Music, BSA. Director of Department of Theatre and Film, Abul Kamal Shafi Ahmed and director of Department of Dance and Music, Shunil Chandra Das were the discussants at the closing programme.

Like the first evening, five promising and leading bands of the country presented fusion, metal, jazz and several styles of rock music including Latin melo, progressive and alternative. Pantagon, Warfaze, Obscure, Dalchhut and Maksud O Dhaka performed on the last day.

The show began with Pantagon's presentation of Latin mellow rock and Latin funk. Romantic song Shondhya akash was the first number the band performed. Pentagon also performed Ushno abegey, Brishti and Your honour. The compositions seemed to be influenced by that of popular American rock band Eagles. Your honour follows the Latin funk rock style. The drummer of Warfaze, Sheikh Manirul Tipu, played percussions with pentagon as a guest member. His improvisation of percussions with drums by Shamim Ibrahim was interesting in the song Brishti.

Warfaze presented metal and progressive rock songs Nei proyojon, Joto durey, Mone porey and Boshey achhi. Desolation, frustration and social turmoil were expressed in an aggressive, hard-hitting and raw style in their performance. There were some lead guitar parts here and there by guitarists Faysal and Balam, but not one solo of 'normal' length of riffs, which have fitted nicely in the untamed pace and aggressive parts in their recorded albums. Audience missed the blazing riffs the band's former lead guitarist Kamol used to play. The raw metal style of Warfaze's first vocalist Sunjoy that made the song Boshey achhi popular, was missing in Balam's rendition.

Obscure, the band that has been absent from concerts, performed Tumi, Tumi amar, Majh raatey, Tomar amar mon and Banshi shuney ar kaaj nai. Most of these songs were fusion.

Dalchhut performed five songs: Brishti porey, Pori, Bhaj kholo, Baji and Bioscope. Vocalist Bappa Majumdar presented the alternative and soft rock based songs (Brishti porey, Pori and Baji) and Sanjib Chowdhury rendered fusion songs Bhaj kholo and Bioscope.

Last band of the evening was Maksud O Dhaka. Besides his popular songs as a vocalist of Feedback, Maksud also rendered songs from his current albums. First two songs Chithi and Geetikobita 1 -- earlier included in Feedback's albums, which were written and composed by Maksud belong to the soft rock style. Maksud also rendered fusion song Roshik amar and jazz influenced Abar juddhey jete hobey. The last song of the evening was Maksud's hit number Melay jai re.

Bappa Majumdar and his band Dolchhut perform at the concert. PHOTO: STAR