Vol. 5 Num 1086 Thu. June 21, 2007  
Letters to Editor

Anti-corruption drive

The CTG is conducting an all-out drive against corruption, hoarding, land-grabbing and all sorts of crimes and irregularities. I think the current drive of the CTG is very much timely also. Therefore it needs support from the people who really love this country because we believe that all the proposed reforms could enhance the prospects of a brighter future. Let's forget about politics for some time and just uphold the flag of the mission of some patriotic visionaries. The govt. might do many things wrong but rest assured, they will not push our country to hold the first position in TI's corruption index for six consecutive years! This is the point.

I also believe that in such a developing country, where most of the people hardly know how to even read and write, there could be trouble in establishing a western type of democracy or the theme "of the people, by the people and for the people." That practice needs an educated nation where people are aware of their rights and simultaneously they also know how to uphold others' rights, without violating them. I believe at present we need a "limited democracy" until we can fully equip our people with proper education, values, awareness etc.