Vol. 5 Num 1095 Sat. June 30, 2007  

In conversation with Tariq Julfiker
Winner of Honourable Mention Award at National Art Biennale

Tariq Julfiker is one of the three winners of Honourable Mention Awards at the 17th National Art Biennale '07, arranged by the Department of Fine Arts, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. He won the award for his intaglio-based (a printmaking technique with an incised image) work Simulacrum 2.

After receiving the award, the enthusiastic young artist said, "This was my first participation at a grand exhibition and competition. I submitted three pieces from my Simulacrum series at the competition."

On his work Tariq Julfiker said that both medium and content of the Simulacrum series are innovative. To quote him, "I've used plastic plate for printmaking. In traditional printmaking process, artistes mostly use either carved wood or acid burnt metal plate. It's true that these days quite a few artists use plastic plates for printmaking, but my presentation is different from others. Creating an etching effect is the unique feature of my prints."

On the theme of Simulacrum, Tariq said, "I'm fascinated by modern French social theorist Jean Baudrillard's concept of "simulacrum" -- an representation without the substance or qualities of the original. Baudrillard argued that a simulacrum is not a copy of the real, but becomes truth in its own right: The hyper-real. To me, the contemporary society is the copy of an ancient society; only the positive qualities are missing. Which is why, I think the society has lost its stability. I've tried to depict the unstable contemporary world through black fragile lines on a blue background. I believe that compassionate leaders can change the society. The two white figures playing flute represents the leaders in Simulacrum 2."

Julfiker likes to do experimental works based on different philosophies. Earlier he participated in group exhibitions featuring "Dadaism" and deconstruction based works.

Julfiker completed his Bachelors degree from Rajshahi University and did his MFA in printmaking from UODA, Dhaka.

Primarily a printmaker, Julfiker also works in other mediums to develop his colour composition sense. He is influenced by seasoned artist Shafiuddin Ahmed and the representatives of Dadaism.

On his future plan Tariq Julfikar informs that he wants to use modern technology to create innovative printmaking.

Simulacrum 2 -- the award-winning artwork, the artist (right)