Vol. 5 Num 1104 Mon. July 09, 2007  

A fascinating way of taking children closer to nature

The cheers of hundreds of children in the small auditorium of Viqarunnisa Noon School in the city yesterday drowned the hi-tech surround sound as they swayed to the captivating music of a snake charmer on the stage.

Born and brought up in the urban concrete jungle of the capital, most of these five to 10-year-old children had no previous experience of watching mystical dance of a female snake charmer.

So it was a little surprise that they were so mesmerised by the dance of a snake charmer right in front of them.

Everyday, they get up in the morning with the harsh jingle of crows and do not hear the sweet jingles of Doel or cuckoo in a calm and quiet dawn. They never know that fogs shout all the night at waterlogged lands after heavy rains.

In a bid to provide the little students with information about animals helping maintain nature's balance, Manimal Team, a production of Yes Media Presentation, launched a campaign with the help of living animals.

Similar shows will also be arranged at 100 schools in the city.

The team led by Sohel Hossain held colourful presentations on tortoise, fog, snake, earthworm, house lizard, mouse, cat and other neglected animals.

"All these neglected animals are constantly making our lives easy. We are afraid of them and often turn our nose up at them, but most of us do not care about their contributions to maintaining balance in nature," said a team member.

"We are so cruel to them that we even do not think of them even for once before smashing them under our shoes and by doing this we become ungrateful. If we can only look at them with little sympathy and try to love them that do not deserve much effort, we can show our humanity; and by doing this we can help maintain balance in our own planet," said Sohel.

"I love this show. My parents take me to village in Bogra in every vacation so that I can run in the field and come across the nature. I have seen these animals in the village, but never thought that I could see them here," said Tasmima Jannnat Rimi, a class four student.

Noted artiste Shampa Reza, adviser to Yes Media Presentation, said in this urban society, children live in a concrete jungle from where the nature is far away. They are living without having any touch of nature and green. Day by day, they are becoming robotic and gloomy minded, she added.

"I tell the children that we should take lesson even from an ant or a snake. Against the backdrop of current volatile situation prevailing across the world and in our country, we should think who is better, man or these neglected animals?" said Shampa.

"I also tell all parents to teach their children, who are the next generation, to love the nature," she added.