Vol. 5 Num 1104 Mon. July 09, 2007  

27 BNP men sued for 'extortion' in Moulvibazar

An extortion case was filed against 27 leaders and activists of Rajnagar upazila BNP in Moulvibazar with the Second Cognisance Court here yesterday.

The accused include two chairmen of Union Parishads.

Md Fazlul Haque Niru of Khar Para village in Rajnagar upazila filed the case against.

The accused include Md Sarwar Khan, secretary of Rajnagar upazila BNP and chairman of Rajnagar Union Parishad; Samsun Noor Azad, senior BNP leader and chairman of Panchgaon UP; upazila BNP organizing secretary Md Suruk Miah and treasurer Babor Miah.

In his case Md Fazlul Haque Niru alleged that Sarwar Khan and other accused had demanded Tk six lakh from him as he wanted to lease Majher Bandh Bill (water body) for fishery.

He paid them the money when he leased the water body for the first term in 2002. But when he leased the water body for the second term in 2003, he refused to pay toll to the BNP leaders again.

As he declined to pay, BNP leader Sarwar Khan and his men forcibly took away all his fishes from the water body on December 16, 2003.

The plaintiff also said that he did not file any case at that time fearing reprisal as they belonged to the then ruling party.

Advocate Diptendu Das Gupta, lawyer of the plaintiff, told this correspondent that the court ordered Rajnagar police to record the allegation as an 'ejahar' and take legal step.