Vol. 5 Num 1104 Mon. July 09, 2007  

49 more Khulna jute workers terminated

Thirty workers of laid off state-owned Platinum Jubilee Jute Mills (PJJM) and 19 of Jessore Jute Industries (JJI) were served with termination notices Saturday night.

BJMC Zonal Coordinator Shamim Ahmed termed the move an 'ongoing process to cut the coat according to cloth' to save the state-owned jute mills in Khulna-Jessore industrial belt form losing any more.

On July 4, 139 workers of Star Jute Mills and 78 of PJJM were terminated on the same ground.

On last June 4, 5,216 workers of PJJM, 290 of Crescent, 245 of Star, 94 of Aleam Jute Mills and 214 of Eastern Jute Mills were terminated. On June 25, 121 workers of PJJM, 355 of Crescent and 86 of Star jute mills were served with termination notices.

Such action will continue until the number of 'unnecessary manpower' of the mills is 'cut to size', Shamim said.

"Of course the termination will be done in compliance with labour laws and considering other unavoidable circumstances", he said.

Regional convener of Patkal Samgram Parishad (PSP) Sarder Motaharuddin refused to comment on the situation in the industrial belt fearing action against him under Emergency Powers Act.