Vol. 5 Num 1104 Mon. July 09, 2007  
Letters to Editor

Age and leadership

A political leader who leads a nation should have certain traits like charisma, vision, intellectual stimulation, inspiration, etc. attained over the period of working life through the process of learning. Successful leaders draw on expertise and experience from all areas of their lives.

People follow a leader because of his traits that influence them to work in the direction he wants, as people believe their leader will not let them down. People work for him because of the future-picture inscribed by the leader in their mindsthe roadmap of economic and personal emancipation. The leader shows new ways of looking at problems that take them to new heights transcending the barriers in the way of success.

Evidently, a democratically elected national leader acquires the qualities and depend on various factors; otherwise he can't earn people's mandate to cross the stages from the lowest level to the topmost echelon of power, the bottom-up approach of creating leadership.

Unfortunately, our nation never virtually saw a leader coming through the bottom up approach-- the only way of leadership generation. This is not a smooth way for opportunistic politicians since it is a path that requires commitment, creativity, love for people and the country etc. So, opposed to this approach, the opportunistic leaders have initiated top-down approach in creating national leaders. If we look at the performances of the last two prime ministers, it becomes clear to us how leaders are being imposed upon the nation.

The recent move to impose age bar in party politics is a conspiracy to de-motivate the experienced, seasoned, tested and committed leaders who maintained low profile in party politics due to the unwholesome top-down approach in creating successive leaderships. Old is Gold!

We expect this government to restructure party politics where leaders will be created by the people, before holding any election in future.