Vol. 5 Num 1104 Mon. July 09, 2007  
Letters to Editor

Power generation

Your staff correspondent's report (July 6) about the visit to Bangkok is somewhat baffling. One can understand going to Yangon for negotiating a deal for hydro power supply to Bangladesh. This is a reasonable and fairly viable approach; provided there is security for the transmission line to Bangladesh. This passes through areas both in Myanmar and Bangladesh, where terrorism has taken roots. If this is secured, we should negotiate a reasonable deal on a win-win principle. However going to Thailand for advice on power conservation and nuclear power plants is surprising! Thailand has no capability of manufacturing nuclear power plants, and we will be wasting our time there.

I firmly believe that a visit to South Africa would be far more useful than spending time in Thailand. For information: South Africa manufactures and has a number of latest generation nuclear power plants which are the safest nuclear reactors with fail safe automated shutdown built into the reactor design, which has been publicly tested. But will someone who matters listen to it? I am willing to brief the persons concerned on the matter, as captive power generation has been my work and hobby since 1986.

Now I am retired and would like to help the authorities in any manner in the national interest. My only selfish reward is in the pride of performance.