Vol. 5 Num 1114 Thu. July 19, 2007  

Citycell-Mahakal Theatre Festival '07
Today's play "Koinna"

As part of the ongoing Citycell-Mahakal Theatre Festival '07, arranged by Mahakal Natyasampradaya to mark its 24th anniversary, Prachyanat will stage Koinna today at the Experimental Stage.

Koinna, a play by Murad Khan, brings to light a debate between Shariah and Marfat. Inhabitants of a make-believe village, Kalaruka, believe that the spirit 'Koinna Pir' has possessed a widower, Naior. The villagers are also convinced that Bahurupi, the inseparable companion of Koinna Pir, lives in the pond near Naior's house. Kalaruka residents are followers of Marfat (a branch of Sufism) and consider Naior as their saviour.

On the other hand, Shahebzada and his followers, who are the followers of Shariah, strongly oppose the existence of Koinna Pir. The play ends with a conflict between the two rival groups.

Azad Abul Kalam is the director of the play. M. Shaiful Islam is the set and light designer.

Actors of Prachyanat in Koinna