Vol. 5 Num 1137 Fri. August 10, 2007  
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Water sharing of Teesta, 7 other rivers held up for JRC meet

India and Bangladesh have exchanged the principles of sharing waters of Teesta and seven other common rivers, which would be put up before the next meeting of the Joint River Commission (JRC).

The two countries also decided to exchange construction details of various riverbank works, including lift irrigation schemes, on common rivers, said an official statement released after two-day talks between Water Resources Secretaries of India and Bangladesh that ended in New Delhi Wednesday evening.

On the issue of principles of sharing waters of Teesta and other common rivers, the two sides agreed that further details would be worked out at technical level in the next JRC meeting.

India and Bangladesh are seeking to firm up an interim deal on sharing waters of Teesta and seven other common rivers.

The two delegations said exchange of construction details for riverbank works would bring transparency and remove apprehensions on both sides, the statement said.

The meeting of the Joint Committee of Experts (JCE) also discussed other issues relating to river-protection work at 40 points in India and 29 points in Bangladesh, India's proposal to dredge the Ichamati in common reach, and drinking water supply schemes on common rivers.

Both sides expressed satisfaction over the meeting during which unresolved issues relating to water resources were taken up, the statement said.

Water Resources Secretary Syed Moahmmad Zobaer led the Bangladesh delegation while his counterpart Gauri Chatterjee led the Indian delegation.

This was the first meeting of JCE in the last three years as the previous one was held in Dhaka in September 2004.