Vol. 5 Num 1137 Fri. August 10, 2007  
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Non-govt primary teachers face competency test

The government has decided to take competency test of the teachers, recruited for the registered non-government primary schools before July 1, 1992 and have been receiving government part of their salary without attaining necessary educational qualifications.

According to the decision, the teachers will have to submit prescribed form, duly filled-up, to the upazila education office by August 20, 2007.

The upazila education officers have already distributed the forms among the teachers concerned, said an official release.

This competency test will be held by the end of September simultaneously throughout the country. The exact date for the examination will be notified in due time.

The syllabus of the exam has been finalised based on the necessary competency level required to teach at the primary level.

To make this examination effective, there will be a training programme for the teachers. National Academy of Primary Education will inform all concerned regarding this programme.

This competency test will be held only once and the teachers will not get government part of their salary if they fail to pass this exam or do not participate in the same.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has requested the teachers concerned to register their names and attend the training programme.