Vol. 5 Num 1137 Fri. August 10, 2007  

People's Jute Mills
Attack on CBA leader, 548 more workers get arrear wages

The general secretary of People's Jute Mills workers' union was injured in an attack by angry workers in front of the main gate of the mill at midday yesterday.

The incident occurred when Azizur Rahman Akram was about to enter the mill compound to receive his arrear wages.

According to Abdur Rahman, a leader of Patkal Sangram Parishad (PSP), workers became furious when they saw their CBA leader after three months during which he kept himself aloof from their movement for realising their arrear wages.

He also collaborated with the mill authorities to deprive the workers of their dues, alleged Rahman.

Akram was, however, rescued by security forces who helped him in getting a cheque for Tk 18,469 against his dues and leaving the mill premises in safe and sound.

Meanwhile, another group of 548 retrenched workers of the mill yesterday received their arrear wages for 15 weeks.

Earlier on Tuesday and Wednesday 650 and 584 retrenched workers received their arrears respectively.

Md Fazlul Huq, joint secretary to jute ministry and convener of the monitoring committee, told the local journalists that a sum of Tk 5, 39, 21,000 would be paid against the arrear wages of retrenched workers in 10 days.

He however could not confirm when the arrear salaries of officials and employees of the closed jute mill would be paid.