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Letters to Editor
Relief operations
Sometimes good intentions are not enough, you need people with real leadership quality and guts to take care of things even at the risk of getting blamed because everyone cannot be helped simultaneously
Prices of essentials
Recently (from 24.07.07 to 04.08.07) I visited Kolkata. To meet my curiosity I visited several kitchen markets of the mega-city and found that prices of some of the items are almost identical with Dhaka.
Plant more trees
While we need to plant more and more trees in our city, Dhaka University is cutting down the big trees which have been giving us shades for years and making the environment worth living.
Harassment of commuters
We are literally prisoners in the hands of the CNG auto-rickshaws and cabs.
Asian Cup
I would like to congratulate the Iraq national football team for winning their first Asian Cup.
Political vacuum and beneficiaries
History tells us colonial masters used to malign local politicians on a regular basis.
Trial of collaborators
On the evening of July 30, the ETV interviewed Jamaat leader Ali Ahsan Mujahid, a Pakistani collaborator and commander of the dreaded Al-Badr in 1971.
DU teachers
Those who are living abroad and criticising the DU teachers' act of wearing black badges have already forgotten that these teachers came on the streets to protest the autocratic rule of General Ershad
Political party reform is very important for transparency and accountability. But we watch that the caretaker government wants to break the two big political parties in the name of reform.
National security council
I live far away from home but I never miss the interesting articles in DS. Honestly speaking, democracy needs time to grow.
In response...
Ref: "Oops! I forgot the tax"
I am happy that you are writing such news analysis regarding the two 'preferential citizens', still so called 'VVIP', who along with their families not only did notpay

Accelerate pace of development
It is quite disheartening to learn of the closure of the deep seaport project. As Dr.
Two women
Some culprits who were benefited by the 'black' democracy in the last fifteen years are now crying for Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia.
Hasina's comments
It was reported in your newspaper that Sheikh Hasina's estimated wealth might be around Tk 2 crore, including Tk1.19 crore interest from savings.
Costly medicare!
What on earth was more baffling to reconcile with than Speaker Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar's drawing of Tk 28 lakh as medical bill in the last five years of BNP rule! Bangladesh, to the bewilderment
The only way out
Reform -- the oft-repeated word these days-- is the need of the time. But general people feel that it should have been done in each and every political party many years ago.
Pain and pleasure
Whoever he or she may be, a bus driver, a nurse of a hospital, an industrialist or a barrister, a film hero or a heroine, a first class gazetted officer or a millionaire or a beggar, a president or aprime

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