Vol. 5 Num 1137 Fri. August 10, 2007  
Letters to Editor

DU teachers

Those who are living abroad and criticising the DU teachers' act of wearing black badges have already forgotten that these teachers came on the streets to protest the autocratic rule of General Ershad and totally boycotted their classes in the 1990s until his downfall. Then, nobody raised any question; rather people applauded these teachers and rallied behind them for the resurrection of democracy in Bangladesh. Even before the liberation war, teachers and students of DU initiated most of the democratic movements along with the political parties. Later, many of them took part in the liberation war and by virtue of which we got an independent country.

This time around, politics is totally banned in Bangladesh, people are under emergency rule. In the name of caretaker government's anti-corruption drive, fundamental rights of people are suspended. It is clear that the CTG is mishandling corruption cases and politics, putting a former PM behind the bars and telling her to submit her wealth after grabbing her bank and other documents making laws of their own after 1/11! Others, like the reformists, are doing everything in line with the government's desire, though the media exposed their corruption time and again. But they are still untouched by the CTG because they are 'reformists'.

At the moment, the CTG seems to have been derailed from their duties. In fact, DU teachers are again showing the right path to the nation.