Vol. 5 Num 1137 Fri. August 10, 2007  
Letters to Editor

Two women

Some culprits who were benefited by the 'black' democracy in the last fifteen years are now crying for Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia. If these two women disappear from our political arena, I think those who are blind about them will realise their mistake. I am really shocked to see that these two women still believe that they can play an important role for the welfare of the country. I think they have already lost their moral right to lead the country. We have seen the example set by Sonia Gandhi in India. We need such great woman.

We are a very unfortunate nation. When women are emerging as powerful leaders all over the world, we are compelled to get rid of them!

Actually, they have no quality except inheriting a platform which was borrowed from the father and the husband.

Not only me but also the general people of our country never want to return to the suffocating position that we found ourselves in before 1/11.

I hope that the future leaders will take lessons from the political debacle that the BNP and the Awami League are facing now.