Vol. 5 Num 1137 Fri. August 10, 2007  
Letters to Editor

Pain and pleasure

Whoever he or she may be, a bus driver, a nurse of a hospital, an industrialist or a barrister, a film hero or a heroine, a first class gazetted officer or a millionaire or a beggar, a president or a prime minister, an engineer, doctor or a farmer-- everyone comes across pain and pleasure, success or failure in life.

What a pleasure for different individuals-- for a batsman when he hits a century in a cricket match, a businessman or a contractor when he/she earns a huge profit, a Rahim when he purchases a brand new car, a Laili when she builds a house, a mother when she sees the smiling face of her child, an unemployed person when he/she gets a job etc.

Similarly, there is pain. For a man or woman when he/she loses a leg in an accident, a Karim's Tk 10 lakh is robbed by hijackers, a Rafiq is killed in an air crash, a Taher's son fails in SSC exams and so on.

Above all, when a group of people are fighting against another, there is no law and order in the country, a war breaks out or the country is affected by natural calamity, the pains and sufferings of the people know no bounds.

These are the universal realities and facts. The magnitude and intensity of pain is however always higher than pleasure.