Vol. 5 Num 1137 Fri. August 10, 2007  

Album review
"Bonno": Fuad's latest album lives up to its name

Following smash hits re/Evolution and Variation No. 25, Fuad is back with his latest album Bonno, a G-Series exclusive. The album features 17 numbers and an intro by Arafat Kazi -- sort of a disclaimer suggesting the listener not to play the album in company of murubbis. This gimmick may work well with juvenile music lovers.

According to Fuad, Bonno should not be considered his "musical masterpiece because it is not very musical". The musician calls it a "total entertainment package". The album is inspired by the "basic animalistic instincts in humans".

The lowdown: Humour and sarcasm are the high points. Though at times the jabs are uninspired, for the most part the allusions are clever and will induce chuckles, if not side-splitting laughter.

Junglee, the opening song, sets the mood. Highlighting percussions and Latin beats, the catchy number may not sound readily coherent, but once you concentrate, the message is quite simple.

Khub chena chena, an Asha Bhosle hit, gets a complete makeover. The stereotypical na´ve, love song becomes a smouldering hip hop/ RnB number; perfect as club music. Poonam's throaty (of Basto shohorey fame) vocals and refrain of Egyptian artist Amr Diab's crossover phenomenon Habibi ya nour-el ain make this number irresistible.

Bonno rap by B1SHOP and Fuad (intro by Rahaat and Laboni) takes a hilarious pot shot at the issue of obscenity in Bangladeshi films. Clip of a song that goes "Joubon amar laal tomato", which was actually used in a Bangla film, is added as reference in the track.

The farce continues with Hit film (featuring Shihab, Lamia, Shaheen and Johan). Granted, the prelude and the song (a remake of RD Burman's Shono mon boli tomaye) underscores the ludicrousness of dialogues and lyrics in '80s films and the formulaic love story that is doomed by class difference, but it's so camp (intentionally, of course) that it's funny. Lines like "Amar Tommy Hilfiger lekha tight genji achhey" is sure to provide a few laughs.

Shukno pata, rendered by Mila, features refrain of the Nazrul Sangeet Shukno patar nupur paye. The number is easy to the ear but does not match up to the brilliance of Jhilmil jhilmil (from re/Evolution).

Ke bashi bajaye re (remake of a Happy Akhand song) is refreshing and soothing. Anila, a regular in Fuad albums, provides just the right kind of melody needed for this track.

Other notable tracks in the album include Da dushtu number, a reggaeton tune by RULE and B1SHOP; Jokhoni nibir korey, a remake of a Niloy Das composition, sung by Elita and Prayashchitto (Fuad featuring Arbovirus), a grunge song.

Prediction: another big hit.