Vol. 5 Num 1138 Sat. August 11, 2007  
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50kg chunk of ice falls from the blue!

A chunk of ice said to weigh around 50 kg fell from the sky on a house near Biraldaha Shrine in Puthia upazila yesterday.

"At about 9:30am, the ice chunk fell on my corrugated tin-roofed house badly damaging it. The sky was clear with no trace of clouds at the time," said owner of the house Abdul Mazid Sheikh.

" It (ice) was so big it would weigh around 50 kg and it fell causing a big bang," he added.

None was injured in the incident.

Hundreds of local people rushed to the spot to see what had happened. The ice piece took about an hour to melt into water.

Many of those who gathered there collected this water considering it a divine blessing.

Police visited the house and collected some water as evidence of the incident.

"It (the ice chunk) did no other damage except to Mazid's house", said Sub-inspector Nazrul Islam of Putia Police Station.