Vol. 5 Num 1141 Tue. August 14, 2007  

Dredge Kobadak to stop recurring flood in Satkhira, Jessore
Kabodak Basin Union Parishad Forum demands

Leaders of the newly formed Kabodak Basin Union Parishad (UP) Forum in Satkhira and Jessore districts at a meeting here yesterday urged the government to re-excavate silted Kabodak river to free the area from flooding in rainy season and water-logging in dry season.

The meeting attended by Union Parishad (UP) chairmen and members of 28 unions in Kabodak basin area in the two districts threatened of agitation if a comprehensive plan is not taken up immediately to dredge the river to address the persisting problem.

They said people of the area do not want relief from the government. They want removal of the years-long problem affecting several lakh people. Kobadak is the lifeline in the area and if it is dredged, recurring floods and water-logging will be solved and people's miseries will end, they said.

Kabodak is the lone outlet for draining out water in the areas, they said.

Due to water logging, crops and dwelling houses are being damaged and suffering of people are increasing, they said.

The meeting held at Sarulia Union Parishad auditorium was presided over by Sarulia UP chairman Matiar Rahman.

It was addressed by UP chairmen Nazrul Islam, Lokman Hossain, Rafiqul Islam, Sabbir Hossain, Mohabbat Ali, Sajjad Hossain Sekendar Ali, Kamruzzaman, Rahaj Uddin, principal Safiqul Islam and Hashem Ali.

They said as the river is dying, encroachers have grabbed shore lands, aggravating the problem. The encroachers have built houses, shops, clubs, factories and fish farms on its banks and shoals.

They alleged that successive governments did not take any step to free the river from encroachments despite repeated demands by people of all classes in last five years.

In the face of people's demand, Water Development Board (WDB) took up a Tk 26 crore project last year to dredge the river. But it was partial and it did not bring the desired result, they said.

They also demanded immediate demolition of all illegal structures along the riverbank.