Vol. 5 Num 1141 Tue. August 14, 2007  

Relief Distribution By Parties
Govt playing dual role, Menon alleges

Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon yesterday alleged that the government was playing a dual role by allowing a political party leader to distribute relief under party banner while barring others from doing so.

Progressive Democratic Party leader Ferdous Ahmed Koreishi was escorted by motorcycle-mounted party men in a procession when he distributed relief but leaders of other parties were not allowed such things on different excuses, he said while exchanging views with newsmen at party office in Barisal.

Menon claimed that black money holders are making donatings to the government relief fund, thereby legalising their money. "Then why it would not be the same about donations to funds of political parties, private and non-government organizations?" he posed the question.

Menon said government can not face any national disaster without participation of people. Political parties organised massive relief operations by mobilising people and successfully faced disasters in 1970, 1988 and 1996, the Workers Party leader said.

"They are telling political parties to swim with hands and legstied", he said.

Quoting media reports Menon said about 68 per cent area of the country is flood-affected and at least one million tonnes of food grains are needed for post flood relief operation but the government still says they do not need any foreign aid.

Replying to a question he said China wants to help Bangladesh in exploring oil, gas,coal and other natural resources and generate electricity without interfering in our internal affairs.

Barisal district president of Workers Party Prof Abdus Sattar and party leaders Prof Nazrul Huq Nilu, Master Bazlur Rahman and Shanti Das were also present at the press briefing.