Vol. 5 Num 1141 Tue. August 14, 2007  

A medley of abstracts from Japan

Shimizu Tomono, who has had many group exhibitions in Tokyo, held a solo at the Zainul Gallery recently. She had used soft, gentle colours and brought in interesting texture work in her mixed media creations.

The most attractive piece in the display was one with layers of jade green juxtaposed with strawberry pink and ruby red. The colours were laid on one upon another. In the centre was a great splash of vermilion and green resting on a large splash of gray green, with touches of pink and yellow. Dots, flecks and squares were the motifs in the paintings.

"Garden" had geometrical forms, neatly juxtaposed with one another. Circles of green and yellow brought in abstract images of flowers and leaves, while broad bars of pink, gold and white set off the tiny circles. Touches of red and black added a dramatic effect to the composition.

"Nowhere near", mixed media, had swirls of pink and red with a mauve and blue backdrop. Little floral motifs in orange and red, with green and white centres were placed in the forefront. Thin strips of dripping colours and more circles of pink and green filled the centre. More splashes of mauve, pink and sea green filled the rest of the composition. The effect was a phantasmagoric one.

Another coming together of mystifying geometrical shapes was "Hill" with its stripes of jade and pale pink. Strange circles of sea-green and gold plus texture work in pale blue lent interest to the white hill and its ashes of roses shadow.

"Day and night" was, again, a thought-provoking creation with sketches of blue and yellow, combined with touches of red.

Having taken part in seven joint exhibits, including one in Dhaka, last year, Shimizu Tomono has an Excellent Award to her credit from Meisei University in 2004.

Wakana Yamauchi 's solo which follows Shimizu Tomono's exhibition at Zainul Gallery has strong, dark lines and experimentation with texture. "It is not equal" presents the torso and limbs in shades of gray, pink and lime green.

"The human being" with its vibrant combination of black, gray, blue and white, presents an abstract form of pearly white reaching out through darkness.

Human forms can be traced out in "Inside and outside". There appears to be a woman leading a child. Splashes of gray, green and yellow forms the composition.

Wakana has had four solo and four joint exhibitions. She does illustrations of books and magazines too. She won the Best Prize in 1999 from Musashino Art Junior College. The exhibition was arranged by G.S Kabir.

Artworks by Shimizu Tomono(L) and Wakana Yamauchi