Vol. 5 Num 1141 Tue. August 14, 2007  

Do's and don'ts for little ones during flood
Sisimpur's outreach programme

Speaking on the latest activities of Sisimpur at Hotel La Vinci recently, eminent actor and cultural activist Asaduzzman Noor of Nayantara Communications said, "Sisimpur is working with children aged three to six. We want to educate through fun and entertainment. We wish to teach not only the alphabets and the numbers but make the kids aware of their surroundings, the country with its people, and the entire world, on the whole. At present, in particular, we want to convey the gravity of the flood, that has endangered the lives of many. We want to show especially how the children are affected e.g. they are bitten by snakes and insects. They are dying of diarrhoea and drowning in the overwhelming water. We are now in the third phase of the curriculum of giving relevant messages to the children. We hope to reach them in 25 leading schools with Halum and Tuktuki."

"Sisimpur began in 2005 and within that time we have provided 13 episodes," said Dr Mehtab Khanum, "Sisimipur is a co-production of Sesame Street New York. We mainly target on vocabulary and other skills like self-esteem and culture. The message is a blending of different issues of education. A psycho therapist by profession, I felt I could contribute as a director. I sit with the writers when they are writing the scripts."

Ishita Dey adds, "In the Outreach Section of Nayantara, they orient the children where there is no TV. They show films and distribute books and posters with the help of the muppet characters Halum and Tuktuki. In the programme today we've brought together 12 newspapers and five magazines in order to promote Sisimpur."

The new timing of Sisimpur is on BTV at 9.05 am on Friday, 2.15 on Saturday and 5.05 on Wednesday and Thursday.

Asaduzzman Noor speaks at the press conference. PHOTO: STAR