Vol. 5 Num 1141 Tue. August 14, 2007  

Love and death dominate Locarno nods
The Japanese film "Ai No Yokan" (The Rebirth), a story of love between the mother of a murderer and the father of the victim, claimed the top prize at the Locarno International Film Festival, which concluded Saturday.

Frank Oz' black comedy "Death at a Funeral," won the public prize, voted on by moviegoers in the Swiss town's famous Piazza Grande each night.

"Rebirth," from Japan's Masahiro Kobayashi, was one of the most talked about films of the festival, but it was not without its detractors, who were turned off by the cerebral and weighty film's deliberately repetitive construction.

The best actor award was jointly awarded to Frenchman Michel Piccoli for his work in the love story "Sous Les Toits de Paris" (Beneath the Rooftops of Paris), and Italian Michele Venitucci, the star of "Fuori dalle Corde" (Outside the Ropes), in which he plays a down-and-out boxer. Marian Alvares of Spain won the best-actress prize for "Lo Mejor de Mi" (The Best of Me), a tragic love story.

The best director nod went to Philippe Ramos for his "Moby Dick" interpretation "Captain Ahab."

Source: Internet
Masahiro Kobayashi, director of the Golden Leopard-winning film The Rebirth