Vol. 5 Num 838 Wed. October 04, 2006  
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Ex-cabinet secy Halim joins BNP

ASM Abdul Halim, who faced criticism for his involvement with political activities during his job as cabinet secretary, joined the ruling BNP yesterday formally just after a month of his retirement from the topmost position in the administration.

The former secretary presented a bouquet to Prime Minister and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia at her office and joined her party.

On December 31 last year, Halim spoke at a political meeting of BNP at Islampur in his home district of Jamalpur that evoked sharp reaction in the administration and political arena. Even local BNP lawmaker Sultan Mahmud Babu strongly protested his activities.

He also reportedly participated in other political activities in his hometown in the name of monitoring development work that created widespread controversy.

Local BNP leaders had alleged that Halim was doing all these to get BNP ticket for contesting the next general elections. Halim's activities also created rifts in the local BNP and there were clashes between the two sides on several occasions.

Halim was the first to get contractual appointment twice to the government's topmost administrative position.

The four-party alliance government appointed him the cabinet secretary on November 24, 2005 replacing Dr Saadat Hussain. Later, he was given a fresh contract as cabinet secretary until August 31, 2006.

The prime minister's Political Secretary Harris Chowdhury and State Minister for Labour and Employment Amanullah Aman were present among others at the time of Halim's joining.