Vol. 5 Num 866 Sat. November 04, 2006  

Movie Review
'Rupkathar Golpo': A fable of contemporary reality

Rupkathar Golpo, is not a fairy tale as the title suggests, but is rather a story of the human condition in current times. The film centres on a desperate mother (Taskin Sumi) whose child is lost.

In the film a young man (Chanchol Chowdhury), fired on his first day at work, encounters a streetwalker with a child. To be able to buy some food for her baby, the girl decides to go with a truck driver (Tauquir Ahmed) leaving her child in the young man's care. The police however suspect the young man to be an abductor, seeing him with a baby that is apparently not his and he is taken to the police station.

After returning the girl cannot find her child and combs the city with the truck driver looking for the baby. The young man, incapable of articulating his pain, is an honest soul and being torn by responsibility and moral consequence cannot leave the child. He tries his best to save the baby. The truck driver starts gambling, loses everything and decides to bet the girl. His partners in the gamble rape her while he is left senseless under the influence of alcohol.

Within this unremarkable premise lies the profoundly moving story of Rupkothar Golpo. Filmed in the ravages of contemporary life, the movie is a sharp portrayal of despair and hope, desperation and survival, loss and redemption, poignantly told in subtle actions and spare words. The film narrates a story of humanity, in all its imperfections and cruelty.

Tauquir Ahmed, the director of Rupkothar Golpo, uses the environment of contemporary life to frame his moving drama of a desperate mother. It shows an imaginative grasp of film grammar. Experiment with the use of music complicates every image. In other areas -- especially in the integration of ideas into action, and the directing of his cast -- he exhibits efficiency.

Certain scenes seem to be dragged unnecessarily. However, the director should be acknowledged for his efforts for making a film with substance, unlike some of the other mainstream films which boast of exotic locations and big budget but have very little to offer in terms of plot and its execution.

Tauquir Ahmed and co-artiste in Rupkothar Golpo