Vol. 5 Num 882 Mon. November 20, 2006  

Handover of 8 instts to CHT Council protested
SOA calls hartal for Nov 22 in Rangamati

Parbatya Chattagram Somo Odhikar Andolan (SOA), a platform of Bengali settlers, yesterday brought out a procession in the town and held a rally in front of the Deputy Commissioner's office protesting the decision taken by CHT Affairs Advisor to hand over eight government institutions and departments to Rangamati Hill District Council (RHDC) as per the CHT peace agreement.

The eight institutions and departments include Nursing Institute, Primary Training Institute (PTI), Vocational Institute and Secondary Education. The rest were not known immediately.

SOA also submitted a memorandum to the President and Chief Advisor of caretaker government through Rangamati Deputy Commissioner demanding cancellation of handover process.

Somo Odhikar leaders at the rally also urged the CA to stop the handover and said SOA would resist the process at any cost.

The speakers included Somo Odhikar central president Mostak Ahmed and secretary Md. Jahangir Kamal, Baghaichhari upazila SOA president Selimuddin Bahari, Longudu upazila SOA president Tafazzel Ahmed, its secretary Sarder Ahmed Ali Master and Shahid Chowdhury.

They demanded scrapping of the CHT peace accord and removal of PCJSS chief Santu Larma from the post of chairman of CHT Regional Council.

The leaders called a down to dusk hartal on Wednesday (November 22) in Rangamti and threatened of tougher agitation if the demands are not met by Tuesday.