Published: Tuesday, April 30, 2013


18-party calls off May 2 hartal

PM thanks opposition alliance

The BNP-led 18-party alliance has withdrawn its May 2 countrywide hartal (shutdown) for the sake of smooth rescue operation at Rana Plaza in Savar.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has thanked the opposition for withdrawing hartal.

On Saturday, the opposition alliance made the hartal call protesting the “killing of garment workers and the government’s failure and inadequate action in rescuing the Savar victims.”

The nine-storey Rana Plaza, housing five garment factories, a branch of Brac Bank and a shopping mall, collapsed on Wednesday, trapping several thousands people inside it.

Earlier on April 28, the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) called off its countrywide hartal slated for May 2 after the 18-party opposition declared the shutdown for the same day.

The opposition alliance made the withdrawal call on Tuesday through a press release signed by Maruf Kamal Khan, press secretary of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia.

In a response to the prime minister’s call and for the sake of humanity, the alliance has withdrawn the May 2 hartal to let all stand united by the victims at this tragic moment of the country, the press release reads.

“We hope that the prime minister will respond to our calls for a greater cause the way we are responding to her,” it added.

  • Abdullah Abdullah

    Thanks to the leaders for showing sensitivity to the peoples feelings.

  • Rashid Ahmed

    Hartal has been withdrawn by the opposition. But, withdrawing hartal does not help the victims. Pay Taka 20 lac each to victims’ family. No tricks, no politics, no delay.

    Both BNP and Awami League should not make any politics with the lives, sufferings and agonies of these affected people. Just pay Taka 20 lac each directly to their bank accounts. PM, do not make politics in front of camera by giving Tk.10,000 in the wounded hands of these workers who are still not able to receive them in their own hands due to injury. There should be a limit to your political stunts and mockery! Do you have any shame?

    If someone would have taken a video shot of giving Tk.10,000 in to your injured son’s mutilated hand and shown that video clip in national and international TV for political propaganda then how would you have felt? Think!

  • Ash C.

    A very wise & sensible decisions by the 18-party. Sk.Hasina should reciprocate – first by withdrawing all false cases & releasing the opposition political leaders now languishing jail.

  • Mahboob Hossain

    Many many thanks to BNP leaders. I am sure this decision will increase the popularity of BNP. Khaleda Zia should listen to the people and sensible senior leaders of her party and not of her sycophants. Thank you once again for withdrawing hartal. This exmaple of humanity will be respected by all.

  • Mohammad Nurul Hoque

    Congratulations and welcome for the opposition decisions. Our vision may be different but mission is humanity.