Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Death toll crosses 800

Total deaths now 819 as 73 more bodies retrieved

Relatives still look for their loved ones who remain missing on the fifteenth day into the Rana Plaza tragedy. The death toll climbs up at 794 as more bodies are recovered at the site on Wednesday. Photo: SK Enamul Haq

The death toll from Savar building collapse has reached 819 on Wednesday as 73 more bodies were retrieved from the site on the 15th day of the disaster.

A total of 613 bodies were handed over to the victims’ families till 5:05pm Wednesday, according to the Police Control Room set up to monitor the rescue operation.

Rescuers still expect more bodies from the rubble of Rana Plaza at Savar as many have remained missing since the country’s deadliest industrial disaster on April 24.

According to the ISPR control room, the number of people rescued alive were 2,437.
Rana Plaza, which housed several garment factories, collapsed after owners forced several thousand workers to work there even after cracks had developed on some pillars and floors the day before.

It is still unclear how many workers were there on that fateful day.

  • Sabina

    We couldn’t give u respect when u were alive and we failed to give you respect even after death. Your bodies are still lying under rubble and here we are involved in dirty politics. Anyway, you guys are all stars , you don’t need outside light (respect) as you have your own beautiful light to shine you. May God grant your soul the highest place in heaven.