Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

8 BCL men to hang

13 others awarded life term for killing tailor Bishwajit


This December 9, 2012 photo shows Bangladesh Chhatra League men beating up Bishwajit Das in Old Dhaka during a blockade enforced by BNP-led 18-party alliance.

Eight leaders and activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) were awarded death penalty and 13 others life term for killing tailor Bishwajit Das in old part of Dhaka a year ago.

Judge ABM Nizamul Haque of the Speedy Trial Tribunal-4 pronounced the judgment in a jam-packed courtroom around 12:25pm today in the sensational murder that shook the whole nation for the brutality in broad daylight.

Coincidentally, both the killing and justice came during the opposition-called countrywide blockade programme.

The BCL men of Jagannath University stabbed dead Das, 24, in public on his way to Amantron tailoring shop at Shankharibazar in Old Dhaka during the opposition’s countrywide road-blockade programme on December 9 last year.

Of the convicts, eight are now in jail while 13 others are on the run.

The BCL men who were awarded death penalty are: Rafiqul Islam Shakil, Mahfuzur Rahman Nahid, Emdadul Haque Emdad, GM Rasheduzzaman Shaon, Md Shaiful Islam, Kayyum Mia Tipu, Rajon Talukdar and Noor-e-Alam Limon.

Of them, Talukdar and Limon are on the run.

The lifers are: AHM Kibria, Saiful Islam, Golam Mustofa, Alauddin, Obaidul Quader Tahsin, Imran Hossain, Khondoker Md Yunus Ali, Tarique Bin Zohor, Azizur Rahman, Al Amin Sheikh, Monirul Haque Pavel, Mosharraf Hossain and Kamrul Hasan.

Of them, only Kibria and Mostafa are now behind the bars.

During the 10-munite proceedings of the day, the court observed that the Das killing case is quite different from the others. It took place in the broad daylight instead of night which was heinous and deplorable killing, the court added.

If the convicts get released on the political ground, it will be unjust for the family of the victims and such kind of gory killings will take place in time to time, the court added.

Mistaking Das for a blockader, the BCL activists of Jagannath University unit swooped on him in front of Bahadur Shah Park and hacked him with machetes and beat him with iron rods and hockey sticks on the fateful day of last year.

Police pressed charges against the 21 BCL men on March 5, and the tribunal framed charges against them on June 2.

The trial of the case began on June 14 with the deposition of the complainant, Sub-Inspector Jalal Uddin of Sutrapur Police Station.

  • OpeeMonir

    It’s a well crafted ploy; one appeal…they all go free. This government is full of deceitful act and we the people are the ultimate sufferers….it’s time to go for AL.

  • An Observer

    To please the people and President’s clemency is not far away! Don’t worry, boys.

  • mo ham

    Obaidul Kader Tahsin is exempted from death penalty while his participation in killing can be clearly seen in the video footage.

    • Faisal

      There should be an immediate appeal.

  • Mephisto

    Your rage is misplaced my friend. To see justice for any murder in this country is heartening. It’s is a small step to the restoration of the rule of law. Let’s hope one day you won’t have any reason to feel disenchanted.

    • Shahin Huq

      Do you know how many dozens of bright students have been killed by Chhatra League hooligans in the last few years? Why justice on only one murder? Is the blood of Hindus more valuable than the blood of people of those who are not Hindus? It seems that in Bangladesh we are living in apartheid.

      • Saleh Tanveer

        If Bishwaji’s murder were not captured so graphically, it would have been passed off just the same way as others you mention.

  • poy

    Muslim or Hindu – it does not matter – any political murder is done by hyenas.

  • poy

    I know its old news but seeing some student organization doing such in broad daylight in public, who knows about their capacity when the camera goes out.

  • poy

    This photo needs to be hanged on PM office .

  • OpeeMonir

    because the real godfather/godmother behind the murder plan are by and large are well protected or hiding…………

  • Nasirullah Mridha,USA

    Two appeal to the AL-led government:-
    (1) Don’t send the request to President for reprieve of convicted BCL men who are entitled sentenced to death by court.
    (2) Execute the verdict like Kader Mollah therefore we could relieve from our millstone agony.

  • truthprevails53

    At least its happening. Do you think BNP jamaat would have done the same?

  • Rashid Ahmed

    It was a pain for the Awami League to take these men to gallows. After all, time is very bad now for Awami League. Awami League usually allows its men a “lot of freedom” and immunity from prosecution when in power. This immunity does not come free. When in need (when street fighting against opposition is required by the party) they pay it off quite well with daggers and guns. BNP should learn this from Awami League. This trade-off is very essential for our politics.

  • Abul Hashem

    I am happy to know that the culprits of Biswajit killing were sentenced to death. This should be the lesson for the notorious students of AL -BNP-Jamaat and other gundas. I do not see any reason for killing of that boy so tragically and brutally. In the footage we saw how he was killed and it is unbelievable that those were engaged in killing in front of police and passer by, that they were human beings, they were hyenas on that moments. I hope we will not have to see incident like that in future and I hope the accused will be hanged soon.

  • Tonmoy Ahmed

    Immediate Statement from Human Rights Watch to protest this death penalty is highly expected

  • Zman7

    Didn’t I tell you many times that the Bishwajit murderers would get their “Just desserts in time”? Now justice has been served. It is also a big-slap on the face of those cynics and government-haters who thought that the culprits would go unpunished under the AL-backed govt. Now the people want to see justice in the blogger Rajib murder case.

  • Shahin Huq

    No worries! Awami President will show clemency to Awami killers.

  • Sara

    one step completed… maybe over the days, the other accused will be arrested .. and they will not have any scope for appeal because they have not faced trial…

  • Sara

    in any society, special attention needs to be paid for the needs of minorities because they are at a disadvantage by number… e.g. in USA, making fun of white people on TV is considered a joke, but making fun of Mexican immigrants or black people (other than celebrities) is considered prejudiced… that is why persecution of religious minorities in Bangladesh (e.g. attacks on temples or villages) is condemned more strongly in newspapers… similar theory applies to Muslim minorities in India (e.g. riots)…

  • Dev Saha

    This is an obscene comment! But, what can we expect from person, who still lives in a stone age era with 7th century mentality. No wonder why I see a bleak future for Bangladesh. Minorities are being constantly cleansed yet, it us, minorities who rule/run the country? Only God knows what these people have been smoking?

  • Dev Saha

    Taking another eight people’ lives is just too much at this climate. Would it deter the next murder? I am not so sure about that. This murder was truly repulsive but it was not a premeditated one.

    • Sara

      the message is clear… when a murder is committed in presence of a camera, even political affiliation cannot save a murderer from the death penalty… whether or not the murder was premeditated, it was brutal and not in any way an act of self-defense or insanity (maybe rush of blood)…

  • ben10

    Excellent and I agree with you in totality. Just like to add one more point. Had the media not covered and had Biswajith not been hindu this murder victim could have easily end up as Shibbir terrorist and no one would have bothered.

  • ben10

    If many senior BNP leaders are arrested and jailed for street miscreants burning and arson during hartal than why No AL senior leaders are arrested and hanged for this BCL murder and crime. Or the rule of land is different for AL? Or we wait till AL power ends?

  • mo ham

    @ Shahin Huq: Brother, instead of mentioning “Muslim” in your first few sentences, you should have rather mentioned “Jamaat-Shibir”….If Biswajit would really have been a Shibir activist and then if these hyenas were given a death sentence like this for killing a shibir activist (also a human being), then only I would have said that the rule of law is completely restored in our country..but still I am happy that by the death sentence of these 8 BCL men, a small step to the restoration of the rule of law has been set….I just hope our honourable president doesn’t immune the golden boys of AL with clemency later on.

  • EngDawahLeague

    How can people do this to somebody? Even animals have more respect.

  • Sabina G

    It seems u are grieving ’cause Muslims are not executed for killing other Muslims. I hope you didn’t forget that we try to give justice to those people who lost their lives by Molla by executing him.